Monday, August 9, 2010

RE: audio limitations @

I finally went and checked my linked-in account for the first time in a while. I was a little surprised to find this article describing some problems observed in the performance of audio in Android. I began a conversation with the author and we basically agreed - something is wrong.

Coincidentally, I am just launching into a new season of white papers here at the office. My chosen topic is related . Now I have even more ideas bouncing in this jumbled mind and am better for it.

Thanks to the now well documented benefits of working in (and with) an opensource community, it seems I may need to put off my first paper topic to focus on outlining the basics and how to move forward instead of extending the capabilities of the audio framework.

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  1. Hi Chris, this is Ivan from Mind the Robot.

    Thanks for the link to my article.

    The community and me in particular are happy to contribute our efforts to improving the audio infrastructure on Android. Let's stay in touch :)