Monday, October 26, 2009

Who is in charge here anyways OR ResourceManager part 2

The deeper I have been looking into power management topics, the more I get confused. In any society, there are limited resources and all persons in this society must either compete for these resources or some form of government is required. This is easy to understand. We all wrote the compare/contrast essay in 6th grade Social Studies where we did such basic comparisons between Socialism, Capitalism, pure Democracy and Dictatorship.

Now, given that each society is unique and respectable in its ways (and that this is a politically correct blog posting), how do we say which form of government is best? Obviously the choice will be unique to each society.

Let us pretend that our society is a population of Linux Android living on OMAP Island. The population has many applications in Java and some in native C/C++, kernel drivers, etc. Some in the population have been given by God (or Google? or Linus?) certain unalienable rights and roles to be managers, servants, governors, or general citizens each with specific permissions.

I am particularly interested in the class of governors that are available in Linux Android. Performance, Userspace, Conservative, and OnDemand are all up for election this year. Who should we support?

The Democratic candidate, OnDemand runs on a needs based platform. If citizens need more MHz, OnDemand will do his best to give it to them. However requests do seem to be getting stalled in the bottle neck of beurocracy. 

The independent, Userspace, believes the citizens should be in control, and he faces stiff opposition this year. He has run for election before, but w/o much success. Userspace seems to need to refine his policies or nominate a solid running mate from among the many native processes.

Performance does not have much chance of election as he simply can not maintain a balanced budget. There will be no savings under his administration because he will constantly push society to run at full tilt - even until the power plant shuts down and none of the working class can operate.

Ah, then there is my favorite... the Republican Conservative. Mr. Conservative has been around a long time. His age old wisdome it tried and true. He will only allocate resources to those who demonstrate a real need. The increases in spending will always be incremental so only just enough MHz are spent to get the job done.

For my vote, Mr. Conservative will be governor this year... poor OnDemand has some good ideas, but will always spend the lot at the first sign of trouble.