Monday, September 14, 2009

donuts vs eclairs

What is a donut? A donut is a cake of some variety which is typically covered with some frosting or sprinkled topping. The curious toroidal shape of this fancied pastry is what intrigues me most.

But what about an eclair - what is that? I have never thought to try to define eclair. No more than I have paused to ponder the design of a donut anyways. An eclair is like a donut, but in many ways I think it is just better.

For example, it is more akin to a cylinder and a torus. There are big benefits here: I can definitely eat faster from one end to another in a straight line instead of eating in a circle. And you can avoid that messy first bite where you have to break the loop.

Also, an eclair has cream filling instead of a gaping hole. That delicious cream filling really set's an eclair apart from a simple donut in my eyes.

It is interesting how aptly named the Android releases have been. Cupcake was a good choice for a first time baker. You can learn alot about how to mix ingredients and add toppings. A donut is a bit of  a twist with some added complications - primarily caused by that often misunderstood shape. And then there is eclair: it is all stretched out and filled in. No more gaps. Quite simply it is a donut evolved.

Especially in the eyes of an audio engineer. I am going to have fun playing with all the creamy filling in eclair.

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